Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just Say Thank You

Although this piture is dated 12/25/2005, it has a point, even 3 years later. Santa is a member of the US Army on duty near Tikrit, Iraq (note the huge blast walls behind him). The picture was taken by my brother, a US Army Veteren from a generation ago.

Both are serving, although in different capacities, in a very far away place. Santa is on active duty and my brother is in a civilian logistical and support position. Both have been away for a very long time even since 2005. Both could, at the end of their respective enlistments and or contracts, return to civilian lives. Both choose to stay and serve.

Regardless of anyone’s position on this war, it’s still a war and very dedicated and brave people are willing to go into harms way. The bottom line is that they are all volunteers who willing stand between you and pain no one wants to feel. And they do it with a clear understanding that it has huge costs to them, including possibly takng their limbs and or lives. It really is about service and sacrifice which, in the end, is actually for all of us.

So as we go about our business with our families and friends this Christmas please remember that there are people; sons and daughters, farthers and husbands, wives and mothers, brothers and sisters, in far away places standing on the line for you and me.

If you see someone in uniform please be sure to thank them, show your gratitude for what they are doing.

Peace On Earth, Good Will To All.

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Nice post. :0) Merry Christmas.