Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Cleanng

With winter not all that far behind...!

I did a boat load of yard maintenance last Sunday. You know all that yard clean up that no matter how much you clean, rake, etc. in the fall is always there just waiting for your attention. But I have to say it is always great to completely uncover winter’s fodder and see the various flowers and plants. It is sort of like bike maintenance, or other spring cleanings of sorts. All those bikes that get left outside all winter or have taken that winter beating which can make them old before their time. All cleaned up, looking like new.

So it is time to clean that bike…! Hot water, soap and elbow grease is a good start. A biodegradable grease cutter can be helpful also. How about a spring cleaning party for bikes with your best bike ridding buddies? Once done, out for dinner on newly cleaned rides.

After your initial cleaning, remember to take a good look at things like brake pads, cables (pull them grease and return), all those little things that make for a huge difference in your ride. A little oil on a rag or chain lube can go a long way for your chain. If you are up to it, do your own lube jobs. It makes a huge difference not only in the ride, but longevity of the bike. A clean bike is a happy bike!

Remember a well placed “Bike Me” (of course with a smile) from a newly cleaned bike is so better well received than form one that is not!

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