Sunday, July 26, 2009

'Nuff Said

I was going to post on the subject of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Go on about helmets and the prevention of head injuries etc. Relating some do my experiences as a firefighter and having been hit by cars three times back in the day when I rode a lot - blah blah blah...

Instead, although a bit snarky…and this is Bike Me: Price of a bicycle helmet $35+; Price of a 4 yr College $200K+; Ability to eat your own food NOT thru a straw, PRICELESS; Wear a helmet! ‘Nuff said!

On to more important subjects...a new woman friend of ours, Grim, rewarded us at the shop with a cube of Natty Ice...warm even! Yep we asked for it that way...old habits die hard. We had suggested it half jokingly for services and a swap of a rear wheel! THANKS Grim you are the best!

Thanks to those who visit our shop and make it worth while to be there. This is so much more than a business venture solely for profit. Truly, the richest days are those when we chat with the MIT grad, welding, artist/architect and that happens to be looking for space to work her metal magic. And we can then connect them with someone who has a space that just might work. Or those who come in several times, finally find what they were looking for, even if they did not have any idea what that was when they started. Or help out a young couple that need bicycles for primary transportation and they find what works for them! Now those are some good days. And yes, yesterday was a good day!

Gotta love the bicycle community.

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